Youth Engagement Advisory Committee

Applications for Youth Engagement Advisory Committee 2018-2019 are now open. Applications close September 4, 2018. Apply today!

The Youth Engagement Advisory Committee (YEAC) was formed in 2007
and is made up of diverse youth, representing a cross-section of ages,
cultural and socio-economic demographics. The aim of the committee is
to increase the skills and leadership of Ajax youth, provide them with
opportunities for growth and provide input on local youth issues. Events
which YEAC organized/participated in include: Youth Week, food/toy drive,
Youth Spaces events, Youth Spaces Study, corporate events, assistance
with achieving Gold Status as a Youth Friendly Community and more. The
YEAC has been recognized by the Terry James Foundation and Ontario
Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration.

For more information, please contact the Recreation Supervisor at   or by phone 905-619-2529 ext 7508.

YEAC win Terry James Award

The Youth Engagement Advisory Committee have been past winners of the Terry James Award winning it in 2008 and 2012. Each year the Terry James Foundation allows youth who have been actively involved in their community to volunteer or nominate someone. 

The committee is proud to have been recognized and awarded. For more information on the Terry James award click here.